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It gives us immense pleasure to introduce ourselves as the leading manufacturer and supplier of Non-firearms in India. We are into making swords and weapons used by great historic rulers and great personalities.

We are a 25+-year-old business with core values based on sincerity and honesty. It is worth mentioning that we have our own workshop equipped with modern machinery that ensures quality output.


1. Wearable and Non-Wearable Breastplates, Neck Plates, Armour, and Gauntlets
2. Medieval, French, Spanish, and Russian Swords
3. Fantasy, Samurai, Rapiers, and Oriental Swords
4. Civil War Replica Weapons
5. Polearms and Battle Axes
6. Daggers and Bayonets
7. Armour Suits – Wearable and Non-Wearable and Chainmail-Rivetted and Butted
8. Roman Swords and Armour, Scottish Swords, Dirks, and Sgian Dubhs
9. Ancient Warrior Helmets and Shields

Why choose SmewIndia?

1. We have long industry experience and expertise in manufacturing and supplying non-firearms.
2. We manufacture your desired items under strict quality control and supervision of our expert workforce and craftsmen.
3. Our Swords and other items are generally made of EN 45 High Carbon Steel Polished blades. We also offer to temper the blade if required.
4. Helmets and other body armour are supplied in wire finish in 18 Gauge Steel. If required we can make these items in 14 or 16-gauge steel.
5. All our items are supplied with standard polish (a protective coating of oil/liquid to avoid rust. We also provide chrome plating on the items if required by the customer to avoid frequent maintenance of the items.
6. We customise as per the customer’s wish if the quantity of the order is good.


If interested please contact us for enquiring. We will provide you with the best competitive prices.
You can directly call us on the given number. We will get in touch with you. 
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