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Rambo Knife with black cover

First blood Survival Knife replica
  • 8.5 Inches blade size
  • 13 Inches full size
  • 800 GM Weight
  • Heavy Black cover with side tie
  • Handle Wooden / with brass fitting
High-quality Rambo knife with black PU-leather cover Note: - We do not deliver extremely sharp knives. All our knives have slight edges and are only used for collection, decoration, or gifting purposes only. There might be slight variations in the actual product and the one depicted in the photos due to photography effects and because all these items are handcrafted. The delivery time is 15-18 days (7 to 10 days in making +  6 to 8 days in the delivery) from the day of the order placed. Some items take more time to deliver due to the extensive making process. We do not provide any mock images of the products.